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This busy shopping season is the ideal opportunity to grab a cheap Kindle deal as we're seeing plenty of discounts on various models of the world's most popular ereaders.

This is TechRadar's dedicated page for Amazon Kindle deals. Here you'll find the cheapest Kindle deals for all models, whether it be for the classic ereaders or the Fire tablet versions. We cross check every model of Kindle with every retailer every day to pull in the best deals so that this page is always up to date with the cheapest prices.

You'll find the latest prices from a wide range of retailers [...]

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A cybercriminal shop selling 2016 W-2 tax data.

The 2016 tax season is now in full swing in the United States, which means scammers are once again assembling vast dossiers of personal data and preparing to file fraudulent tax refund requests on behalf of millions of Americans. But for those lazy identity thieves who can't be bothered to phish or steal the needed data, there is now another option: Buying stolen W-2 tax forms from other crooks who have phished the documents wholesale from corporations.

A cybercriminal shop selling 2016 W-2 tax data.

Pictured in the screenshot above is a cybercriminal shop which sells the usual goods — stolen [...]

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The Twitter page of the blog Shaltay Boltay (Humpty Dumpty).

A chief criticism I heard from readers of my book, Spam Nation: The Inside Story of Organized Cybercrime, was that it dealt primarily with petty crooks involved in petty crimes, while ignoring more substantive security issues like government surveillance and cyber war. But now it appears that the chief antagonist of Spam Nation is at the dead center of an international scandal involving the hacking of U.S. state electoral boards in Arizona and Illinois, the sacking of Russia's top cybercrime investigators, and the slow but steady leak of unflattering data on some of Russia's most powerful politicians.

Sergey Mikhaylov

In [...]

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Several shimmers recently found inside Canadian ATMs. Source: RCMP.

Several readers have called attention to warnings coming out of Canada about a supposedly new form of card skimming called “shimming” that targets chip-based credit and debit cards. Shimming attacks are not new (KrebsOnSecurity first wrote about them in August 2015), but they are likely to become more common as a greater number of banks in the United States shift to issuing chip-based cards. Here's a brief primer on shimming attacks, and why they succeed.

Several shimmers recently found inside Canadian point-of-sale devices. Source: RCMP.

Most skimming devices made to steal credit card data do so by recording [...]

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On September 22, 2016, this site was forced offline for nearly four days after it was hit with “Mirai,” a malware strain that enslaves poorly secured Internet of Things (IoT) devices like wireless routers and security cameras into a botnet for use in large cyberattacks. Roughly a week after that assault, the individual(s) who launched that attack — using the name “Anna-Senpai” — released the source code for Mirai, spawning dozens of copycat attack armies online.

After months of digging, KrebsOnSecurity is now confident to have uncovered Anna-Senpai's real-life identity, and the identity of at least one [...]

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Modifying DNA to prevent disease in a baby could be allowed in rare cases, says National Academies report [...]
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We still have no idea how much carbon Earth is holding onto.

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Welcome to the world, triangulene.

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